why I write songs

I enjoy thinking of great memories. Music helps me to store stories and the best days in a very pleasent, fulfilling and effective way. Since my special talent is to transform feelings, situations and emotions into tunes, I want to share the outcome and results with the world. Maybe my songs or lyrics will be in the memories of some of you out there … what a lovely thought.

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song impressions


I open my eyes

I breath the air

I see the light

I feel the flair

In the springtide

My heart is strong

I love to glide

Into the song



I raise my heels

Up to the sky

I wanna know how it feels

If I’d take off to fly

In the springtide

My spirits awake

From deep inside

For my owns sake

Nacrious lights from the heart of the morning sun

Meeting my eyes like a stunning surprise

Getting up and straight to the sky breathing in dewy air

In the springtide I feel so alive


Another notion

Comes and goes

I can’t stop

When it flows



I tried to be best and

I tried to impress

That was so addictive

I now figure less

Finally I’m back again, thriving to be a better man

Finally I met my soul, my heart is beating as a whole

Finally I’m really free, regain my strengh

And found the key

Finally no push and pull – into the full

hire me

How clients describe my work

Hiring Ed was a great choice! He worked extremly fast and did an awesome job with the advertisment jingle I needed urgently for a pitch presentation for Bank Austria. His catchy melodies and rhythms got straight into my ears in no second. Thanks a lot!
client 2 ed stean songwriter
Ed is an empathetic and talented musician with loads of creative ideas. As he composed the music to my lyrics, everything matched perfectly to the mood of the words and made them sound much more meaningful! I loved working with him.

client 1 ed stean songwriter
Ed is amazing! He delivered quality lyrics in German based on some ideas I sent him. Communication was excelent and the results came really fast. I highly recommend him.

Harold T.
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