I decided to focus on what I desire to give

What I desire to give.

I am sure you also heard this question too many times in your life: What do you want?

And could you ever really answer it honestly and straight? The short answer to me is love – and the long answer is way more beautiful. : ) It is a journey on which you can only win when you loose. In my opinion, it is not the best and effective question to get forward. When we try and struggle to answer this allegedly simple looking question, we only reach for thing we want to have and things that make our lives easier – at least in short term. A better question would be: What do I desire to give?

At this point I wanna thank and point out Mark Manson for his humorous way of explaining the troubleshooting for your life with his books. Check out The subtle art of not giving a f***. The title seems to be counterproductive, but it is not.


Many much wiser people before me spent endless hours trying to describe the purest form of energy. Guess What? I do it again. I remember when the following came to me a few month ago. A simple translation that explaned just so much to me. Love means the same as care for.

Love = Care For

Take your time and try to understand what this really means. Stop reading and continue when you figured it out.

Now ask yourself what do you care for? Stop again, take your time again.

In the meantime I tell you a little bit about what this means for me.

I care for:

Music, because music cares for me when I most need it.

Honest equality, because it makes life harmonic and continual.

Extraordinary beauty, because it connects me to a colorful diversity.

Explained though the idea of Mark Manson, when you know what you don’t care for, you will know what you actualle care for most.

Lovesongs …

So many songs have been written on this famous four letter word. Most of them described only the relationship to a human being. By the way almost never used the word “love” or “I love you” in my song lyrics. I somehow got used to descrice it withsubtile workaround phrases and perspectives. I say love is more than only a human connection. It helps you in finding your desire to give. Love appears in so many very different and unique forms. It is a force that pulls you to your destiny.

Here are a few songs of mine, where I explained my love from different perspectives and with esthetic phrases and stories:

I’m a philosophical thinker and definitely emotional musician. I may fail and stand up like every human being. Everyone has loads to carry along his life, I think they give you identity. They prevent you to fly, but ground your soul to this beautiful and at the same time terrifying place called earth. You don’t have to choose what to give, because you already know it. If you look closely I even think you already do it.

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