Freequencer mobile music bike trailer 3D model by Jasmine Barbier in piano mode 3D model

freequencer: building a mobile grand piano

In 2020 there was an exciting encounter between the singer and songwriter Ed Stean and Jasmine Barbier on the Linz saloon ship Florentine. From the conversation, the idea of ​​realizing street music, creative design and modern technical elements in a bike project developed. After a winter of social distancing due to Covid-19, Ed’s desire to perform in front of an audience grew and reconnected with the travel-loving and handyman Jasmine Barbier.

Immediately impressed by the idea, but unsure of being able to handle the technical implementation on her own, Jasmine brought the architect and bicycle mechanic Andreas Liska into the team. Everyone had the same motivation for the project right from the start and in just a few weeks an ingenious basic concept developed and we got started.
 After a few months, our team was enriched by the Linz all-rounder Gerhard Nimmervoll, who, with his experience in home-made audio systems and electronic systems, perfected the easy use for Ed on music tours.
 The guitar look was sprayed by Linz artist Erich Willner.

3D Model Video made by Jasmine Barbier
Grober Schlachtplan wird bei einem Schinken-Butterbrot entwickelt.
first meeting in the bicycle mechanic and repair center Avanti in Linz

The “Freequencer” is an electronically motorized bicycle trailer in the design of a guitar, which can be optically converted into a grand piano when making music on the street and the audio system is integrated in the trailer. It can also be used as a mobile sleeping car.
A technical goal of the team was to integrate the electronic piano and the music system into the existing energy system and to build the trailer as easily as possible and to design it with optimal storage space.

Project plans

framework dimensions

Intention und Vision

With this project, Ed Stean would like to invite people to meet again with joy in public space and to communicate from person to person. Music is a connecting language that everyone understands.

The Freequencer team consists of three guys and a girl from Linz and was realized in a workshop of the Linz company Elektromaschinenbau Riegler R. GesmbH. Almost exclusively materials from the region of Upper Austria were used.

We are happy when this extraordinary project leaves a lasting impression. Ed wants to travel far with this trailer and fill many places and places with his songs.
This project has got the potential to spread positiv waves to the society.

electronic plans and cicuit diagram

komplett schaltplan e bike trailer jasmine barbier
lade schaltplan mini
steckverbindungen e bike trailer kupplung

video impression of the building process in the post:




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