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welcome – I am Ed Stean, an independent music artist, singer, songwriter and producer

Due to my neverending love to meaningful words, phrases or melodies,  I enjoy to express all kinds of moods, thoughts, opinions and most of all stories. If you are looking for a creator and performer of philosophical, energetical, lyrical or just happy music, let me be your first choice.


Music leads me through life like a wise father,
openes my heart like a loving woman,
makes me laugh like a playing child and
helpes me in difficult times like a close friend.

Also it has always had the potential to change our world to a more inspiring and fulfilling place, as it did for me. I would love you to join my melodical story and encourage you to connect to every aspect of my music that gives you meaning, energy and goosebumps. In this way passion, love and experience for music can pass on to future generations.

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"Everything has an end,
only delay has two."
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about my music life

Ed Stean outdoor portrait with glasses, beanie and black leather jacket in Linz

artist songwriter producer teacher singer pianist

I had my first public music performance on a huge birthdayparty when I was just 5 years old . Beside of that I started at the age of 14 to process my emotions in writing and singing songs on my own accord. Shortly after I also learned how to record and edit everything myself and got better and better by time.

I improved my music skills with vocal and piano lessons at the music school in Linz and later on the Anton Bruckner private university of Linz.

I have been in a couple of bands and ensembles, where we mostly performed my compositions.  – compilation example

Because of my open personality I always tended to variety, but if I have to choose my speciality, it is songwriting with lyrics and top-lines.

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